Amanda Rose - The Game of Time 

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Amanda Rose - The Game of Time Stats
  • Travel across space and time to the past in this Hidden Object search.
  • Rescue a missing father lost somewhere in the old west.
  • Chase down clues through 14 chapters and 35 distinct locations.
  • Enlist friends and useful tools to overcome a myriad of obstacles.
  • Solve thought-provoking puzzles and discover a power of unimaginable significance.

Game Description

Bring a father back to the future in Amanda Rose - The Game of Time, a fascinating journey into the unknown.

Amanda's father departs for Arizona after taking a strange call from a friend requesting his presence. The next morning, Amanda receives a package from her father indicating that no matter what she hears, he is still alive. Odd she thinks, but soon enough an officer calls her, confirming her father's message. Now, as Amanda investigates his disappearance, she is about to stumble into an adventure of unimaginable significance.

Play as Amanda as she walks boldly into this voyage that crosses the fabric of space and time. Chase down clues to locate the whereabouts of her father, now lost somewhere in the old west. Enlist friends and tools to overcome obstacles, solve demanding puzzles, and search through places you've only read about in books.

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Genre:  Hidden Object