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 Alien Hallway
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Alien Hallway Stats
  • Additional software may be required to play this game. Click here for more details.
  • Save the day from alien invaders in this unique Action strategy shooter.
  • Select your soldier types and destroy the portals from which they are attacking.
  • Use super-charged weapons and upgrade units to provide better protection.
  • Earn money and unlock special chambers to deploy new units.
  • Enjoy a one-click interface in fun three-dimensional battlefields.

Game Description

Defend the planet from otherworldly invaders in Alien Hallway, a fast-action mix of strategy and Tower Defense tactics.

The fate of all mankind is in your hands. Alien invaders are assaulting the planets and your troops are the only ones standing between them and humanity. Drive them back using whatever means necessary and keep them from destroying Earth.

Select your soldiers and prepare to hold back the invaders in unique Tower Defense-style action. Use super-charged weapons and upgrade your army as it rushes towards the alien portal from which they are attacking. Each wave gets tougher but by strategizing correctly while in battle, you can push them back and claim victory.

Blast your way through countless enemies and save the day when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Alien Hallway today!
Genre:  ActionAdventure