Age of Mahjong 

 Age of Mahjong
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Age of Mahjong Stats
  • Lead an epic makeover is this unique Mahjong challenge.
  • Build a city to find a cure through more than 50 levels.
  • Construct a sawmill, a fountain, and many more structures.
  • Use eight bonus items and earn 28 trophies.
  • Unlock a secondary play mode to continue the fun.

Game Description

Restore hope to a royal couple and their kingdom in Age of Mahjong, a wonderful challenge with unique goals.

Nothing is dearer to the Emperor and Empress than their son, the only heir to the throne. When an unknown disease strikes the young boy, the king calls in doctors and healers from all corners of his kingdom but they are unable to find a cure. While they languish in the uncertainty of their misfortune however, construction of their new city must progress. In this, they might just find the hope and cure for their son.

Tear down tile layouts to build up the city in this captivating Mahjong challenge. Enjoy more than 50 Story mode levels and unlock a secondary play mode as you build a city that will stand as a shining beacon of Chinese culture. Construct a sawmill, a fountain, and many more structures that will contribute to the expansion Use eight bonus items, earn 28 trophies, and travel through 18 locations that will ultimately lead you to the restoration of hope.

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Genre:  Mahjong