Affair Bureau 

 Affair Bureau
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Affair Bureau Stats
  • Discover the identity of a mystery woman and crack an explosive case
  • Track down clues using your expert detective skills
  • Study evidence, hack the police database and decipher troubling puzzles
  • Search through rooftops, subways, docks and other dangerous locations
  • Unravel your mysterious past and capture a criminal mastermind

Game Description

Solve an explosive caper in Affair Bureau, a game of hidden object discovery where the film-noir storyline thickens with every twist and turn! Alex was a police officer who decided to open a detective agency, but shadowing lovers and combing for stolen cars soon lost its appeal. He chose to take on only interesting cases with his Affair Bureau, and one day "she" walked into his office. Who is this mysterious woman and why does she know so much about Alex? To find out, he will travel down a dark and dangerous path and uncover startling information about his past and that of a criminal mastermind! Join Alex in identifying this mystery woman and crack a case that has put the city in terrible danger. Track down clues and uncover the plot by searching from rooftops to subway tunnels. Study forensic evidence, rifle through the police database and decipher puzzles that bring you one step closer to the criminal, and danger! Try the free download version or play the full unlimited version of Affair Bureau today and get to the bottom of this exciting detective mystery!
Genre:  Hidden Object