System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 2000 / Windows 98 / Windows ME / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 266 MHz Pentium or equivalent
  • 32 MB Ram
  • Uninstall instructions
Award Value: 3 Stamps
Release Date: 


Travel across mythical lands and unearth stunning relics in this lexical adventure. Link letters to find words hidden in the grid and glorious treasures will dazzle your eyes. Find long words and unleash electrifying power-ups to aid your quest. Discover all special tile types on your quest through 50 mindbending levels. A word challenge of epic proportions, Acropolis is legendary fun for the entire family.

  • Unique Power-Ups
  • Beautiful Full Screen Graphics
  • Easy to Learn and Play
  • 10 Special Tile Types
  • Conquer All 50 Boards
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Reviews of Acropolis
 | Added on: May 4, 2011
A word game that rewards longer words, but doesn't really penalize for shorter ones. Letter layout always changes so good for replay.
 | Added on: August 10, 2011
I really enjoy word games and this one is no exception. It keeps you interested. It is timed; but, if you have to redo a level even several times, it is not boring. Lots of powerups, hints, and shuffles. I think it could be longer; but, replay is like a new game, so I guess that makes up for it. I recommend it to anyone who likes words. I love the game. P.S. I tried to check Kid Friendly also in the 'Check all that apply:' area below but it wouldn't hold it. I clicked everything except 'Involved'. God bless.
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