A Vampire Tale 

 A Vampire Tale
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A Vampire Tale Stats
  • Enjoy the beautiful gothic scenes, inspired by folkloric legends and tales.
  • Explore 16 challenging levels.
  • Play over and over again like new as the random hidden objects system presents the challenges differently each time.
  • Follow the enthralling plot to uncover a secret society and a longstanding feud between vampire clans.

Game Description

A dark and mysterious world awaits innocent young Caroline as she travels abroad in search of answers after her father mysteriously disappears. This gothic-inspired hidden object story will give you your fill of beautifully detailed scenes with intricacies to unwind. Unexpected twists of treason and betrayal will beguile you. As Caroline, you travel through sunny cities and cold ancient ruins. A world you never dreamed of appears, and your journey through Transylvania reveals dangerous realms and unexpected allies. Mistakenly stumble upon the prison of an ancient vampire and witness the deep history of brutal clan wars. You will not rest till you understand what happened to your dear father. Experience the dark mysteries for yourself when you try the free trial version of A Vampire Tale or download the full-unlimited version today!
Genre:  Hidden Object