A Gypsy's Tale - The Tower of Secrets
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  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • 400 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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A Gypsy's Tale - The Tower of Secrets 

Outsmart a mysterious curse to save a young girl in A Gypsy's Tale - The Tower of Secrets Deluxe, a mesmerizing adventure through a labyrinth of deception. Reylin arrives at the small village of Brenn, where a crumbling tower lies. It's a maze full of secrets and dangers trapping a young girl. Do you dare venture in with Reylin and save the girl?

  • journey through an ancient tower in this fascinating hidden object maze
  • save a young girl trapped at the mercy of a wicked curse
  • navigate 30 beautiful and strange environments filled with devious traps and puzzles
  • search for helpful items, unlock secret areas, and meet strange beings
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Reviews of A Gypsy's Tale - The Tower of Secrets
 | Added on: December 30, 2014
We found this game to be incredibly frustrating. The user interface is inconsistent, the hint system is practically useless, very little clue what to do next, lots of wandering around trying to find out what to click on. Disappointing.
 | Added on: October 15, 2010
I was becoming very frustrated with the quality of the last 6 or 7 games I played on this site; However, this game alleaved those frustrations. This is certaintly one of the better games offer in the recent past. This game requires a significant amount of jumping from site to site to complete the tasks, but as soon as you figure out how to use the map, you can move about very easily. The graphics are outstanding, the tasks challenging, and the twists in the story near the end comes a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed this game, and I hope the sequel is not long in coming. Try this game, it is worth every minute you spend going throught it. HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
 | Added on: September 30, 2010
Hm this is the type of hidden object game that makes you search for the item to 'unlock' the item you need. Most the items are in the same place. But there is quite a bit of backtracking. There is a nifty feature that allows you to teleport from place to place if you find all the crystals in that area. Storyline is nice, and leaves it wide open for a sequel.
 | Added on: December 28, 2012
This game was a lot of fun to play - challenging but not frustrating. I liked how you found an object and then had to find other objects to put that object in your inventory. The story was good and is set up for a sequel...
 | Added on: April 11, 2011
If I could give this one more than 5 stars, I would. Probably one of the best HOGs I've played. Totally engrossing trying to find the right objects, figure out what to do with them, and solve the story. Storyline is unobtrusive, which I love -- I hate to get caught up in dialogue. You really need to use your noggin and powers of deduction to finish the game, and it's a long game. Great value!!!
 | Added on: May 4, 2011
More than just a find the items game. You interact with the screens and figure out problems. Sometimes frustrating knowing exactly how to go about the task, but that's probably because I'm not a patient person.
 | Added on: November 15, 2010
I enjoyed this game on many levels. the art work is good, the story line involving and the puzzles are also very good. got lost a couple of times, but found the remedy by just looking around. great fun.
 | Added on: October 7, 2010
Almost every aspect of this game required the finding of and the use of the Crystals! That, and the constant search for items are the causes of my addiction! I had so much to do in fact, I ended up writing my own walkthru so I could keep tabs on everything. The ability to jump from location to location was very handy, even though there is no timer to worry about. Don't hesitant to ask Reylin for help--her clues and hints will prove to be very invaluable indeed. Enjoy!
 | Added on: September 30, 2010
This is not a beautiful game, nor one with a deep story line - it's doesn't even have the sound thing down - but, it is NOT the Same Old Hidden Object Game (SOHOG - my acroynm) and I applaud it for that. I played through the entire hour of the trial period and even considered using a credit to finish it. (I decided to wait and download a few more before I blow my last credit). There's a lot of switching back and forth through scenes - which can annoy some - and a lot of trying to figure out what they want you to do next. But, you are searching for things that make sense - like paint, to finish a painting. Help reloads quickly, if you get stuck and there is a list that tells you (generally) where to go next. Not a bad game, not a great game but, not a SOHOG either!
 | Added on: October 7, 2010
Very nice game but very hard to achieve the numbers of crystals required to buy the breathing thingh under water.
 | Added on: October 1, 2010
This game's story line was okay. There were several times I had to use hints to find crystals, and few other well-hidden objects. The crystals play an important role in the game but that's something you'll have to find out. I think a possible sequel to this game might come but unsure...The ending was not excellent, in my opinion. This is a good game to fill your time.
 | Added on: October 28, 2010
Really have enjoyed playing..............a good thinking game. Keeps you on your toes.
 | Added on: October 18, 2010
Started off with high hopes, but this turns out to be one of the very few games I've uninstalled without finishing. The game "cheats" in that there is no logical way to work though the main game on the basis of mere logic and observation. Even with the aid of a walkthrough there was no logic to it. The graphics and sound are good, the storyline is a bit off, but the lack of logic in the game play was a complete turnoff to me.
 | Added on: September 27, 2011
I really liked this game. the scenes were quite different looking and beautiful and it was fun how it took you back and forth from one area to another. good games in it too!
 | Added on: October 1, 2010
Truly enjoyed this game! Not your typical HOB! Hopefully there's a sequel???
 | Added on: December 4, 2012
I found it too involved and did not like having to search for bits and pieces of an item, some of which were so faint they could not be recognized. I watered seeds longer in the game than I do in real life! Personally I did not like it at all.
 | Added on: October 18, 2010
I really had fun with this game - getting all the crystals in each scene is a must so you can use the map to navigate. The story was fun - I love games where you have to move all over the place to complete a puzzle - I did get stuck a few times but all in all this was great fun.
 | Added on: October 25, 2010
Loved the game, kept me on my toes. Am going to play again - without the help of the map
 | Added on: October 1, 2010
A good game for people who are getting sick of the basic hidden object game - there was backtracking, but it was easy as there was a map to use to pop back and forth. Some hidden objects and some potion making and other types of puzzles. I didn't find it very hard, but it was enjoyable!
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
The type of HOG where you have many puzzles to solve, travel around quite a bit and when you click on a needed item it turns into a mini hog. The story line was interesting and the ending was unexpected. I would definitely find all the crystals in each scene. It makes moving around so much easier.
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