7 Wonders - Magical Mystery Tour
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  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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7 Wonders - Magical Mystery Tour 

Build the most enchanting sites of legend and mythology in the all-new 7 Wonders - Magical Mystery Tour Deluxe, a magnificent gem-swapping journey. Set off to construct the most amazing sites ever imagined. With a team of master builders and artisans at your side, watch as famous fabled locations such as Camelot, El Dorado, Atlantis, Shangri-La, and more come to life before your very eyes.

  • explore the world and create fabled structures in this splendid 3-in-a-row experience
  • build Camelot, El Dorado, Atlantis, Shangri-La, and four other wonders
  • unlock useful power-ups and collect special pieces to play enjoyable mini-games
  • adorn these magical locations with wonderful items including gold and statues
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Reviews of 7 Wonders - Magical Mystery Tour
 | Added on: November 16, 2011
the 7 wonders games are getting beter all the time. keep up the good work
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
one ef the best games i have played.it was fun and challanging and quite fun.
 | Added on: October 1, 2012
As was mentioned a previous reviewer, this is a great game. Fun game that can keep you occupied for hours. Only problem is it will not save your progress. If you do no finish the game in one session, you will need to start over the next time you play. Tried deleting and reinstalling with no fix. Must be a bug the designer needs to fix. Its the only thing keeping this from being a 5 star game.
 | Added on: October 25, 2011
DISCLAIMER: I only played the free trial. I played 7 Wonders 2 and enjoyed the game, but I think this one may have surpassed it. Everything about this game is excellent. The graphics, music and gameplay are all stellar. This game is similar to the others, you build structures at legendary places like Atlantis and El Dorado by collecting blocks at each level. Where this game diverges is that in this one, you collect different resources, such as blocks, plants, and water when you match certain icons. Each site also give you a chance to get additional goodies like gold and statutes to add to your finished building. If you liked the previous offerings in this series, you'll love this game. If you think that 3-match games are boring, check this one out; this game will probably change your mind.
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
The game makes you think and look for matches. When I completed some of the level the game gave me a error message and closed out the game. I went back in and finished the level and then it continued on with the next level.
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
this is the best one of the 7 wonders series the only thing that i was kind of upset about was if you exited the game you had to start from the first level it didnt save the game after exiting
 | Added on: December 5, 2011
Love the new version! I like how you can choose where to add plants, water and of course bricks. I like how you can choose power ups during the game in play. Entertaining, enjoyable and great fun. Addictive!
 | Added on: February 21, 2012
This game was okay. Not very challenging, but predictable. Good fun for the family et all. I enjoy the series. It does include a non-timed option! YAY!
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
This is my first review, but far from my first purchase. Actually, this is the 3rd of the 7 Wonders games that I have and find this the most fun and most interesting. Easy, but challenging at the same time. Not too difficult nor do you have to think too much. Not the dark and dreary games that so many this time of year are. Just good, clean fun and I think will have good replay as well. Recommend buying!
 | Added on: November 22, 2011
Game play is repititious, little challenge, just same stuff over and over. And if you quit without completing the entire game in one sitting, guess what? You get to start over, as it does not keep your standing when exiting. Next time, put variety and save in earlier.
 | Added on: November 7, 2011
The game is easy but moves slowly. Largest issue was no matter how many levels were completed it would go back to the first level "Camelot" each time I quit.
 | Added on: October 24, 2011
There seems to be a problem with the save and exit feature. It keeps putting me back to the middle of the second location. Also, I tried a second profile and it didn't remember it at all. Seems the only way you could complete the game is at one sitting.
 | Added on: October 24, 2011
Downloaded this game for a quick look, but within 10 minutes decided I just had to have it. 7 wonders is a game for all moods. If you want to relax and enjoy clicking this one is for you. If you want the challenge of a timed match 3 experience 7 wonders can accommodate. The graphics are a giggle, and enjoyed building the 7 wonders kingdoms. This game is for all ages. It isn't a huge challenge, but is a barrel of fun.
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
Love this game. It's alot of fun. Got a fix for saving it also. Tried putting it in the regular forum but it wouldn't take. Just right click on the icon, hit administrator and after you play, your game will be saved. Don't ask me why but it works.
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
Enjoyed playing the game in the evening for a relaxing endevor.
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
I like all 7 Wonders but this one has a different twist that I like. It is just different enough to make it interisting and not the same.
 | Added on: October 24, 2011
This is a perfect game for someone who likes Match 3 and having something to show for your efforts. I enjoy "building" things with my winnings. FarmScapes, GardenScapes, Dream Inn-Driftwood...all let me be creative while earning my resources through HOG or Match 3. This ranks right at the top of those. The graphics are bright and colorful, the "helpers" are adorable and the game is not too difficult. There are plenty of power ups to get you through to the next level. It's quite frustrating being stuck on a level and you just can't make it through (Around the World in 80 Days). Now if they could just get that "saving your progress" bug fixed... But I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a relaxing game without all the dark connotations. It was a definite "buy"!
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
I have the previous versions also and I really enjoy playing them again and again now I have one more 7 Wonders-Magical Mystery well i have just started playing and as usual getting stuck to it so good going MumboJumbo another good game enjoy.
 | Added on: October 31, 2011
I LOVED the first 2 7 WONDERS & enjoyed playing this one. Graphics are GREAT & mini games add to the FUN. There is a glitch in the game & GH support is working to fix it. You can still play around the glitch though. This game is not as challenging as the first 2 but it is FUN to play...very kid friendly. I just wished it had more playing time like the first 2...thus my 4 star rating. Well worth owning this game because it is FUN, addictive & has good replay value.
 | Added on: November 2, 2011
A fun Match 3 game. The main game is not very challenging yet, but I have only completed two locations so far. Enjoyable mini games, one of which is quite challenging. Overall, a good game and a worthy addition to this series.
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