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4 Elements Double Pack 

 4 Elements Double Pack
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4 Elements Double Pack Stats
  • Enter a rich landscape of magical creatures and mysterious powers.
  • Enjoy innovative storylines and amazing animations.
  • Play over 60 unique and challenging levels in each game.
  • Challenge yourself with hidden object and spot-the-difference mini-games.

Game Description

Rescue fairies and take an amazing journey in a delightfully fun double pack of match 3 challenges. Can you restore the book of magic and save an ancient kingdom from certain destruction? This is serious business requiring your keen skills of observation and acute match-3 abilities. Are you up for the challenge?

In the original 4 Elements, the ancient kingdom is facing uncommon peril and unique puzzle challenges must be solved. Magic once ruled supreme, but now a powerful force has destroyed the sacred alters of the four elements. You must unlock the four books of magic, collect 16 mysterious cards, and restore the kingdom to life.

In 4 Elements II, the world of magic is in grave danger after a careless spell casts a shadow of darkness and despair. Only the four elemental fairies have the power to correct it, but the curse has weakened and also trapped them. Be the hero this wonderful kingdom needs and free the fairies to save the realm in this breathtaking endeavor.

Elemental magic sits at your fingertips when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of 4 Elements Double Pack today!
Genre:  Match 3Puzzle