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Flo is the inimitable main character of the Diner Dash games. She’s always looking for new and crazy adventures, just like you! Can’t get enough of the Diner Dash? Play them all on GameHouse! These high-quality restaurant games are perfect for players who love time management games and are looking for fun and frenetic challenges. You’ll need all of your skills to make it in the Diner Dash games. You need to serve food, seat customers, prepare meals, and clean up. Do you think you’re up for this? Good luck! Diner Dash

Of course you need to start a series with the first game, so kick-off with the first chapter of the fun Diner Dash games. In this game, Flo needs all the help she can find with building up a restaurant chain. You’ll serve 5 kinds of customers with unique behavior and you’re also going to prepare some delicious meals in over 40 levels. Can you turn this small restaurant chain into the mega restaurant Flo always dreamed of?

Diner Dash 2 – Restaurant Rescue

Are you hungry for another Diner Dash game? In just a couple of clicks you’re playing the next part Diner Dash 2 – Restaurant Rescue. This game is even more enhanced than the first chapter. It contains 5 new restaurants and 4 new types of customers. 4 fellow restaurant owners are in need of help and Flo comes to the rescue. Together with them you need to earn enough money to prevent Mr. Big from demolishing their restaurants. Are you ready for it?

Diner Dash – Flo on the Go

Have you played the first two parts of Diner Dash yet? Then you can’t miss out on the third one! Lots of challenging time management tasks are waiting for you in Diner Dash – Flo on the Go. Flo could use some rest and she decides to take a vacation. But wait: right before she’s taking a cruise, her luggage falls into the water! It’s up to you to make sure her vacation isn’t ruined. Good luck!

On GameHouse you’ll find the most fun Diner Dash games ever!

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