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Start solving mysteries with the best free detective games at GameHouse! Have you ever wanted to be a top notch detective among the likes of Sherlock Holmes or Sam Spade? Now you can enjoy the thrill of collecting clues and tracking down perps! Start playing a variety of high quality download and online detective games at GameHouse today!

In the mood for a classic whodunit? Join forces with the most famous detective in the world in The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes! This exhilarating game features 16 original mysteries that are begging to be solved by a crack detective like you! Investigate cases of forgery, theft, and murder by solving anagrams, cryptograms, jigsaws, memory puzzles and lots more.

Or fast forward to the 21st century and play the role of Officer Erica Dean in Righteous Kill, the first casual game based on a major theatrical release. Explore New York City for thousands of clues that will help you capture a vigilante killing criminals committing crimes against women. Use these clues to attack challenging, detective themed mini-games and bring the criminal to justice.

Use your smarts and eye for detail to track down an evil genius bent on destroying the world in Interpol—The Trail of Dr. Chaos. Our mind-blowing full screen graphics allow you to explore dozens of cities across the world such as Moscow, Paris, Tokyo, and New York as you look for signs of Dr. Chaos and his wicked plans. The whole family will enjoy collecting hidden items and beating brain-teasing mini-games to capture Dr. Chaos! Find these detective games and many more mystery detective games at GameHouse.

Start solving mysteries today!

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