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Get lost in the sands of fun! Are you a fan of jigsaw puzzles and love beautiful pictures of the mystic desert? Do you like to solve mysteries and want to learn more about ancient Egypt? Let GameHouse take you on an adventure to the deserts of Egypt and around the world. There you will find the best online desert games anywhere!

Put together pictures of the mystical and beautiful desert with the jigsaw games at GameHouse. In Super Jigsaw Desert Explorer, you can choose from 50 stunningly beautiful images of desert landscapes. Or you can check out Super Jigsaw Landscapes for picturesque views of deserts and other spectacular images. You will love these puzzles so much, you won’t be able to walk away!

Travel to ancient Egypt in the exciting brain-bender, Mysteries of Horus. Grab colorful gems to appease the ancient gods in this addictive online desert game. Solve the mystery behind King Tut’s death in Mosaic – Tomb of Mystery. Uncover the secrets of the sand in this exciting murder mystery game. In Amazing Adventures Special Edition, you get two exciting quests in one! Both Amazing Adventures Around the World and Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb come together for fun just for you!

All of these games and more are available for download. Whether you’re seeking magical adventures, beautiful landscapes, exciting storylines or addictive game play; GameHouse has something you will love!

Come play free desert games today and get lost in the sands of fun!

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