The History of Delicious

Delicious is a Time Management series that was first cooked up in 2006 where it introduced the world to Emily, a young waitress with aspirations of one day running her own restaurant. Unlike other casual video game heroines, Emily's popularity continues to soar with each successive release on account of deeper personal and social growth within the series' exploits. In fact, many fans of the series have pointed to emotional bonds made between them and Emily when meeting her family members, watching her exploits with boyfriends, and simply interacting with her customers.
While the first Delicious focused almost entirely on gameplay, challenging players to successfully run seven restaurants, it didn't have much of a storyline by which to showcase Emily. It did however provide enough playing satisfaction that it was nominated for Best Casual Game of the Year 2006.
Delicious 2 was released in 2007 and offered players a number of new features such as the ability to decorate restaurants, earn trophies for special achievements, and cut scenes to help infuse a storyline. It not only began to demonstrate Emily's prowess for cooking up mouth-watering recipes, but also her sense of familial responsibility as she runs to the side of her uncle to help him manage his own restaurants.
A year later, Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden followed her journey to open a Tea Garden. With a larger variety of dishes to serve, mini-games to play, and the introduction of in-game "events", this episode fleshed out Emily's sensibilities and understandings of the world around her, further endearing her to followers of the series who had now come to recognize her as one of the top casual game female characters.
Delicious - Emily's Taste of Fame came in 2009 and took the series to the next level by challenging players with special events that change daily and need to be completed despite the normal gameplay. This expanded Emily's world, meeting and helping all types of characters such as the postman and the car mechanic. It introduced a cast of more than 30 characters with the largest amount of emotions shown per character than ever before, and no longer through cut scenes, but through actual in-game interactions. Because of this startling leap, this episode was nominated for Game of the Year, People's Choice, and Top Time Management game.
Later that same year, fans of the series received an early holiday gift when Delicious - Emily's Holiday Season was released. Emily settles in a little town called Snuggford to celebrate the holidays with her friends and family. Unbeknownst to her, two young men are introduced that soon vie for her attention, further revealing Emily as a multi-dimensional character. Not only is she a great cook with an ever-growing recipe book, but now she must also deal with problems among friends, family, and relationships.
For 2011, fans of the series were given a very special treat as they got to turn back the clock and re-live some of Emily's most heartwarming moments in Delicious - Emily's Childhood Memories. This sixth episode explored how Emily came to be such a great culinary artist, but also what made her the special person she is today. Many endearing moments were caught on record, but the best is yet to come.
In Delicious - Emily's True Love, fans will get to experience the romance of a lifetime as Emily tries to reconnect with a long lost love. Is this the beginning of a new chapter for her?