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Dying for Daylight
Dying for Daylight
5 / 5
By Cigne
I don't get into the whole "vampire" thing that's going on these days, but this game was just a funny ride from beginning to end, I didn't want it to be over !!!! The graphics are top notch,the storyline is amusing and original,the voice acting is really good and fits the characters, map is very helpful and hints recharge pretty fast !!! I have to say this one made me laugh out loud a couple times and I love the title song, it's really a good listen !!! I have to say play this game, even if you're not into vampires,its a really enjoyable game !!! As always HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE !!!!
Delicious - Emily's Wonder Wedding
Delicious - Emily's Wonder Wedding
5 / 5
I love this game. The best of Emily yet!
By deafoever65
I love the story line and the extra challenges. I like the soon to be mother in law causing problems that emily feels she must fix. I love going to the different places and picking out the wedding gown.It will be fun to find out who this new lady is. I do find that emily is moving slower than normal, especially during the invitation challanges. I do not like having to wait for more of the episodes to come out. That is very anyoing. It is an expensive game but like someone else said a lot of work is involved in making it and people need to be paid, I just hope they are in America!
Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles
Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles
5 / 5
Many hours of fun.
By NixEgirl<
I like this game. I like that you don't have to mess with the unused squares to complete the puzzle. Fun.
By  elliebumble  on  elliebumble  in  The Lounge
so today i am driving down the road listening to that weird sound my car has decided to start making , when i turn a corner and this strange person is walking down the middle of the road eating a large sandwich, i slow down as i approach this strange sandwich eating person, and he proceeds to menacingly shake his sandwich at me while i drive past. This was a new experience for me, one i hope to not repeat anytime soon. Have you ever had someone , be they strange or not, shake a sandwich at you ? I Wonder if i will see him again? Maybe next time he will have a drink or fries to shake at me, either way that sounds quite messy . More
By  wbeal  on  wbeal  in  Support Forum
Better customer service when handling problems would be nice. I've contact customer services 3+ times over the same problem. I tell them what's going on, they say go look at FAQ, I tell them I did it, and they redirect me back to FAQ. I still can't play my games. As a matter of fact, I hopped on to try to get a refund since I can't access them.

Note: The problem is I can't unlock my games. I hit the unlock button, enter in my info, and hit accept or enter, and the pop up just disappears and the game totally closes out. I go to open it back up and it's still not unlocked. Just in case someone may know the fix = )

Edit: The problem seems to have fixed itself, but I still shouldn't have had to contact customer support so much and gotten the same answer over and over.
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Aug 10, 8 pm
Episode 7 of Delicious - Emily's Wonder Wedding is now available. Just tuning in? Get Episode 1 for free! Play now: http://t.co/2kLnC6WD
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