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Chase down some free fun with cheetah games at GameHouse! Do you love the thrill of the chase? Want to keep up with these speedy, spotted felines? Feast your eyes and ears on high quality download cheetah games and online cheetah games today.

Brave into the wilderness with Jungo and tackle some truly tricky puzzles. Test your agility with 100 levels of puzzles and help Chase the Cheetah rescue his jungle friends from your vulture nemesis, Vargas. Successfully match colorful bubbles in time to release your captive friends and get caught up in the brilliant graphics and settings of the luscious jungle. It's an adventure you don't want to miss!

Do you love time management games? Play Jane's Zoo, the wildly popular follow up to the smash hits, Jane's Hotel and Jane's Realty. Help Jane find homes to host a variety of exotic animals from across the globe. Care for each creature by feeding and bathing them, not to mention playing with them too! Look for hidden object bonus games and other new challenges to try. Gamers of all ages will fall in love with this next chapter of the game series because when you're with Jane, the fun never ends! At GameHouse, you'll find these and many more fantastic cheetah games to download or play online.

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