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When you first hear of chase games, you may think it’s an unusual genre. When you see the games that belong to this genre, you'll understand. Chase games are all about chasing someone or something. That sounds a bit scary, but only means that you’ll have to trace or unmask someone. The chase games on GameHouse are definitely exciting, so you’ll have to be ready for numerous challenges that are waiting for you. Experience how it feels to be a hero now! Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena

Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena is one of the ultimate chase games on GameHouse. This game contains over 50 challenging levels in which you’re going to try to find a wonderful treasure. Samantha discovers one of the biggest archaeological treasures of all time, but gets competition from the greedy treasure hunter Ravena Stryker. Can you help her to keep the treasure away from Ravena?

The Clockwork Man

Are you chasing after more Chase games? Take time for The Clockwork Man, one of our hit games in the chase category. Miranda Calomy has always been an inventor, and is always looking for things that can make our lives more pleasant. One day she receives a strange letter from her grandfather and everything changes. She pushes her work aside, and decides to get ready for an adventure around the world to help her grandfather. But with what? Search for clues that help you, and experience this adventure in the fantastic chase game The Clockwork Man!

The Mystery of Unicorn Castle

Our third chase game recommendation is The Mystery of Unicorn Castle. In this game it’s up to you to unravel the secrets of an ancient castle. Jane Morian receives a mysterious letter which tells her she inherited an ancient castle. She’s been dreaming about this castle for years now, and these dreams are always the same. Coincidence or is it destiny? The castle is definitely raising questions! Can you answer them?

Do you have what it takes to unravel mysteries and search for clues? Come play the exciting chase games on GameHouse then!

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