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Do you have a soft spot in your heart for our furry feline friends? At GameHouse we sure do! We loved our furry friends so much we put them into our games. Curl up to some fun with our free cat games. Or download cat games to play anytime you like.

You won't find the cats in our cat games scratching up your furniture or leaving hair on your clothes, but they will provide hours of exciting entertainment. But you have to keep an eye on those little fur balls! In Granny In Paradise her cute little friends have been abducted and it is your journey, should you choose to accept it, to help her along her quest to rescue her feline companions. Rated E for everyone this game is sure to be a delight for the entire family.

Also if you're looking for a frolicking good time be sure to check out Jane's Zoo and Kitten Sanctuary. While one has BIG cats and the other has baby ones, both games are great for online cat games. With Jane's, you'll be catching up with this sequel to the hit original. Help Jane manage zoos all over the world - from Africa to Asia and Europe. In Kitten sanctuary, you'll help to rescue all sorts of adorable kittens from the evil aliens so they can grow up healthy and strong!

With the ability to both play online cat games and play free cat games you're sure to find a purr-fect answer for your cat games query!

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