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Have a sweet tooth? Got a little craving? There's only one thing to do! Go play one of our fun and exciting candy games. There is no guilt associated with them. No calories either. Just pure sweet fun for you and your entire family!

If you choose the online edition of the classic Candy Land board game you will surely be pleased. Just as in the classic version there is loads of fun awaiting you. This one however, has Dora the explorer joining in. In Candy Land - Dora the Explorer Edition you will help Dora and her friends get to the Candy Land Fiesta. In this, on of many of GameHouse candy games, you'll also learn some Spanish. This candy game is perfect for the whole family!

Looking for an option that is perfect for you and the youngest gamers in your family? Check out Super Candy Cruncher. With six different levels of play everyone can get in on the fun. This game drops tasty little morsels into a puzzle game. Slide them around to win this candy game.

Whether you prefer to play online games, downloadable games or free games, GameHouse has candy games that will satisfy your craving!

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