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Fly away with fun playing the best free butterfly games at GameHouse! Do you enjoy the colorful beauty of graceful butterflies? Now you can play with butterflies! Play a variety of high quality download butterfly games as well as online butterfly games with GameHouse today.

Do you love puzzles with beautiful images? What are you waiting for? Play Super Jigsaw Butterflies and get a close view of these brilliant creatures. Choose from over forty different Butterfly puzzles to solve, along with varying degrees of difficulty. Put together puzzles featuring one of nature’s most beautiful creatures in the wonderful game of butterfly puzzles.

Or help free with butterflies in Monarch the Butterfly King, an incredible puzzle adventure. Help Monarch free his butterfly friends from an evil wizard by putting together groups of three or more beautiful flowers. Enjoy 150 unique levels while helping Monarch convert ancient energies to increase the power of the orb. Enjoy two different game modes while freeing the butterflies in this whimsical matching game!

If you enjoy puzzles and adventure, play Mariposa. Dr. J.R. Prescott needs your help freeing the butterflies on a magical island. Slide rows and columns into groups of three or more to free the butterflies that are encapsulated in pieces of colorful amber. Watch the freed butterflies fly away along your various island destinations. Enjoy two different modes of play, as well as over 40 unique butterflies. Do you have what it takes to free the butterflies in these adventures? Find out today! Play these and many more download Butterfly games and free online Butterfly games at GameHouse.

Fly away with these fun Butterfly games today!

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