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Get bug eyed when you check out these awesome bug games from GameHouse! Leap with a grasshopper or crawl with a beetle. Don’t let these tricky bug games bug you! download bug games today.

Blast off to bug-filled fun in Bugatron Worlds. Blow up wave after wave of colorful invaders. Explosive power-ups will give you an extra edge, but it's going to take quick reflexes and careful aim to repel these foes. Bugatron Worlds is the ultimate treat for gamers looking for fast fun!

Looking for a bug game that is perfect for you and the youngsters in your family? Check out Ant War. There are tunnels to build, food to forage, enemies to fight and more ants to make. It's not easy managing an ant colony; get started today!

Get ready for addictive arcade action in Cosmic Bugs! Draw lines through unique shapes to fill up the level. But watch out for the Cosmic Bugs! They'll do everything they can to thwart your progress. Hurry and get started, Cosmic Bugs is electrifying fun!

Whether you prefer to play online games, downloadable games or free games, GameHouse has bug games that creep and crawl!

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