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Bookworm Adventures are games for all ages and extremely popular among families. On GameHouse, you’ll find all these high-quality games. The Bookworm Adventures games series proves that playing and learning can be a perfect and fun combination. Your knowledge of words will improve as you play. Do you want to test your language level in the most fun way possible? Play the challenging Bookworm Adventure Games on GameHouse! Bookworm Adventures

Have you been introduced to Lex the bookworm yet? No? Then it’s definitely time for you to meet him in Bookworm Adventures. This great game is so popular that it has even won the Zeeby for Best Word Game. The Big Library is in danger, and you’re the only one who can save it. Defeat the three bewitched storybooks and over 150 opponents by making beautiful words. Make sure you make the right words and give them extra power by using gems, potions, and treasures. Are you ready to battle together with Lex?

Bookworm Adventures Volume 2

Did you also enjoy the first chapter of Bookworm Adventures? Then play the even better Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 on GameHouse! This game contains three exciting parts which each have their own story and challenges. Play Fractured Fairytales for example. In this game you need to help Lex bringing back the main characters of classic stories to their masterpieces.

You’ll have hours of gaming fun with the all of the Bookworm Adventures games.

Play the Bookworm Adventures games on GameHouse and discover the perfect combination of learning and playing games!

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