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Blow your enemies away with free bombing games from GameHouse! Have you ever wanted to light up the skies? Now you can! Play these excellent free bombing games from GameHouse and pilot your attack today!

Want to pilot through space to fend off cyborgs, motherships and more? Then play Atomaders, a breathtaking bombing game that takes place all throughout the universe. Liberate the planets under attack! Free the universe from the swarms of cyborgs and their deadly bosses. Use your missiles and defenses to stay alive and dodge the enemies' attacks. Pilot your way to safety and deliver the liberation of the planets in Atomaders!

Not into space travel? That's fine, deal with enemies a little closer to home in AirStrike. Fly over the desert, sea and other exotic sites to battle it out with your determined enemies. The 3D graphics will blow you away, but try and not get blown away by your enemies! In this compelling storyline the world is counting on you so don't let us down!

Blow your enemies away!

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