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The Big City Adventure games on GameHouse are a great way to explore many new cities while satisfying your Hidden Object wanderlust. In these games you’ll follow the same family on their trips around the world. The combination of hidden object challenges and fun stories and locations maek every Big City Adventure game special. Pack up and explore the world with these top games on GameHouse! Big City Adventure – New York City

New York never sleeps and neither will you while playing Big City Adventure – New York City! This masterpiece from the Big City Adventures series is going to provide you with hours of fun. Are you ready for hidden object challenges on beautiful locations as Central Park, Wall Street, and Times Square? Discover the wonderful city of New York from home and collect beautiful memories that last forever!

Big City Adventure – Vancouver

Always wanted to visit the Winter Games? You’ll get closer than ever in Big City Adventure – Vancouver! In this game you need to perform numerous hidden object tasks while you enjoy the Winter Games décor. Visit locations like Gastown, Robson Street, and Stanley Park, while collecting souvenirs for your home. Can you find and collect all postcards with historical and fascinating facts? You’re going to need all your hidden object skills to complete this game!

Big City Adventure – Paris Classic

Are you ready for the City of Light? Paris awaits in Big City Adventure – Paris Classic! This game has everything you’re looking for: hidden object tasks, and mini-games with multiple challenges. Visit locations you’ve always dreamed of like the Eiffel Tower and the Castle of Versailles. Thousands of items are hidden, and it’s up to you to find them. In this game you’re going to collect postcards and other memories too. Can you find them all?

Travel to the most beautiful cities in the world with the Big City Adventure games on GameHouse!

Big City Adventure
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