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Discover for yourself why the Bejeweled games are among the most popular Match 3 games all over the world. Find the perfect match in the best free Bejeweled games from GameHouse! Do you love match 3 puzzles? These are your games! Enjoy making rows of three in the defining and most entertaining games of the genre! Absolute hit game

Looking for one of the best Bejeweled games ever? Then you should definitely play Bejeweled 3! It’s the brightest and biggest Bejeweled yet, and the winner of the Player’s Choice award and Best Match 3 game award at the Great Games Awards of 2011. You can play the popular Bejeweled 3 in 8 different game modes and you can earn 65 achievement badges if you play it right. Are you ready for hours of fun with one of the most addictive games ever?

Match explosive gems

Do you like Bejeweled, but feel like you need something more? With Bejeweled Twist you can play the game you love in an electrifying new way! Spin and match explosive gems to create shockwaves of fun. Stack game winning combos, evade obstacles, and create super-charged gems. With four game modes—the heart-pounding Challenge and Blitz, relaxing Zen, or the timeless Classic—you are sure to find something that fits your every mood!

But wait, there’s more! Classic Bejeweled is back and better than ever. Expanded to include four game modes—Classic, Puzzle, Action, and Endless—Bejeweled 2 is sure to satisfy players of all levels! Newcomers will love the new Hint-On-Demand Feature and everyone can enjoy the stunning 3D special effects.

Get ready for some furry fun!

Have you tried all the best Bejeweled games? You can also try Chuzzle Deluxe! It’s created by the same people that brought you Bejeweled and Zuma! Chuzzles are googly-eyed balls of fur that giggle, squeak, and sneeze as you try to free them from the board. Just as in Bejeweled, you can free Chuzzles by herding them into groups of three or more. You won’t be able to resist laughing as you witness side-splitting Chuzzle animations and sounds. As you meet new Chuzzles, win trophies, and uncover secret games, one thing will be for sure: Chuzzle Deluxe is endless fun!

What are you waiting for? Start bedazzling your life with free Bejeweled games at GameHouse today!

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