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Bug out for some fun with the best ant games at GameHouse! Want to try your hand at battling a bazillion bugs? Now you can! Play a variety of high quality ant games today.

Get ready for addictive arcade-style ant action fun in Cosmic Bugs, or save your beetle buddies from the Black Bug Empire in Tumblebugs. The one thing that is certain is that these ant games are sure to leave you marching one-by-one for more fun.

Love classic gaming? Then check out Cosmic Bugs, from the creators of Platypus. Draw lines through unique shapes to fill up each level. But watch out for the Cosmic Bugs! They'll do everything they can to thwart your progress. Featuring amazing graphics, an exciting soundtrack, and over 500 levels, Cosmic Bugs is electrifying fun! Then get ready, ‘cause the bugs are back! From the creators of Cosmic Bugs comes Water Bugs. Crazy bugs have crash landed in the oceans and it's up to you to stop their destructive path. Battle the bugs, today!. Find these and many more ant games at GameHouse.

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