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Take a ride on the magic carpet and let it lead you to the best Aladdin games at GameHouse! Do you have a taste for adventure in the mystic deserts of Arabia? Satisfy the adventurer in you and get lost in high quality Aladdin games at GameHouse today.

Ready for some exciting Arabian nights? Puzzle your way through the adventurous Legends of Aladdin. Choose your favorite character to guide you through the exciting lands of Aladdin by mixing and matching your way through 120 levels of adventure. Embark on a quest to reassemble the missing pieces of the magic carpet or practice your trading skills with the town's shopkeeper. Whatever your mission, the Legends of Aladdin is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat!

If the excitement of Aladdin games aren't enough, journey over to Egypt with Mysterious City - Cairo. You are the archaeologist in this beautiful hidden object game and the museum of Alexandria is counting on your attention to detail to uncover three priceless artifacts. Challenge yourself with numerous sites to visit, each touting gorgeous graphics and exciting mini games.

So what are you waiting for? Take a ride on the magic carpet with free fun at GameHouse today!

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